Our Mission

The MIND Lab is an initiative of the University of Maryland which collaborates with private industry and government agencies to foster new, large-scale computer science projects in the areas of wireless networking, information services, information-centric applications, networking infrastructure and information assurance and security.

Message from the Director

The mission of the MIND Lab is to provide an environment for collaborative research and development efforts among its participants. The University of Maryland established the Maryland Information and Network Dynamics (MIND) Lab to provide a focal point for defining, developing, evaluating and deploying new information technologies.In partnership with industry, government agencies and other universities, the MIND Lab addresses key research, education and technology challenges, and creates new opportunities for the market.

In a secure and user-friendly environment, the Lab brings together a world-class group of innovative researchers with an industry facing high user demand for access to broader, more sophisticated and integrated information services.The rapid development of information technology is often dictated by industry, which must sustain daily commercial operations while continuing to innovate, usually independently or in conjunction with a few partners. The MIND Lab provides a vendor-neutral site while supporting the development and deployment of multi-vendor systems. While the MIND Lab is part of the University of Maryland, it is organized so that its partners have a major role in defining the strategic directions of its activities and research.

The MIND Lab provides support for collaborative efforts and operational experimentation on systems of reasonable sizes by deploying research infrastructure and 'testbeds' that can be used for addressing the problems of scalable distributed heterogeneous systems.Our ability to create environments to meet information needs is limited by our ability to integrate systems consisting of a large number of heterogeneous hardware and software components. University researchers working with the MIND Lab have already developed several new approaches and technologies related to the use of time and information in systems.

This experience gives the MIND Lab a unique advantage in instrumentation, testbed flexibility, collaborative projects and other challenges faced by the research and development community at large.
- Dr. Ashok Agrawala

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